Meet the Kids


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
Meet Angel She has multiple disabilities, including Dandy Walker Syndrome, Dextrocardia and Bilateral Limb absences. She requires specialist seating at all times, but currently has nothing suitable at home other than her wheelchair.
A grant has been awarded for £1156 to pay for a P Pod Bean Seat. This is a bespoke seat, fitted specifically around Angel’s unique frame, to allow her to sit comfortably in the home.
Recently Angel received this equipment and it has already made a huge difference to her life. Her grandmother said:
“Angel is so happy to receive this wonderful p pod and you can see that she is so much more comfortable than sitting in her chair all day, she is now also able to join her siblings and myself on the sofa and be able to all relax together. Thank you so much Children Today for making this possible”
At Children Today we are thrilled Angel is loving her new equipment and without your generous support this would not be possible.

Abraham’s New Ride

g002559-abrahim-hasson1-mfThis is Abraham, he is 7 years old and has Spina Bifida. He attends mainstream school which he enjoys immensely, however he is increasingly aware of how he feels different and wants to join in the same activities as his peer group. Having a trike would certainly help to reduce his social isolation and build upper body strength which would enable him to take part in playground and other social activities with friends and family.

Due to Abraham’s unique issues, getting around on a trike proved to be more difficult than first anticipated. During his first assessment he was not able to move the pedals, this resulted in a rocking action. He also had great difficulty co-ordinating the steering, braking and propulsion. This situation was far from successful but gave an insight in to his ability to only deal with one issue at a time. Firstly, to overcome the rocking effect of the cranks Tomcat came up with the concept of a counterbalanced drive. This had to be designed and made from scratch.

The Carer Control System (essentially an aid to overcome learning difficulties) helps build confidence, fluidity and ease that comes from child and parent working together. This is immensely liberating for Abraham. It means there are no terrains that are too awkward, no slopes too steep!

Abraham was assessed 3 times and the trike redesigned on each occasion. Abraham was eventually transformed in to a boy who was completely at home with the steering and propulsion of his new trike.

In the Pink

MF  G002646  Elin Drake 2

Four year old Elin is an energetic and inquisitive little girl who has cerebral palsy and West syndrome. Elin has to be supported when sitting but she doesn’t really enjoy it, she is happiest when standing. Her new standing frame means that she can be held in an upright position where she can play with her toys and sensory equipment independently. The standing frame will help to improve Elin’s head control and stretch her legs but also enrich her family life and give her a whole new view point of the world!

We recently received a “thank you” email from Elin’s mum. Part of it reads:

“Dear Children Today. Thank you so much for supporting our application for equipment for our severely disabled daughter, Elin. The standing frame arrived last week and is already making life so much easier and benefitting Elin greatly. Thanks again.”


Easy Rider

Iwan is a typical five year old boy who loves to play outdoors and go on bike rides with his family. He has Dravet syndrome which has affected his balance, so Iwan finds it difficult to ride a standard bike. His new trike has been adapted and custom built to Iwan’s unique needs so he can now safely and independently, whilst strengthening muscles and improving coordination, enjoy a bike ride.

Dad wrote to us to tell us that “He absolutely loves the trike and has insisted Iwanon going out to ride on it most of the day. Thank you ever so much for you help with this purchase it is greatly appreciated and I am sure that it will make a huge difference to Iwan’s mobility. Yours faithfully, Kelvin”

Fundraising Ideas

A few ideas on how to raise money for Children Today while having as much fun as possible!
Plan some fun events or combine some together for maximum effect….

Ask your local supermarket if you can pack customers bags for the day and ask for donations from them for the service (wear fancy dress if you like!)

Hold a raffle
Tried and tested but you can’t go wrong, ask local businesses to donate prizes – a good one to add to another event like a quiz night

A day of fun events when you need a break from the deadline! Chair-racing, skipping, hula-hooping or just number of staples in a piece of paper in 10 seconds… let your imagination run riot!

Hold a swishing party
Ask your girl friends around for a night and everyone brings a couple of items they no longer want – a handbag, a scarf, jewellery etc. Have a drink and then at a set time everyone grabs the item they want and makes a donation for it

Pub collection/street collection
Rattle your tins, preferably in fancy dress! But remember you must be at least 16 years old and get permission from private premises owners or from council if public areas.

Car Boot Sale
Spring clean your stuff (and all your friends’ stuff) and then sell it for charity!

Get sponsored to have some hair cut/shaved/waxed… We don’t want to know where.

Karaoke night
Find a free venue (someone’s house/pub back room/school hall) and have some fun!

Run a tournament
5 a side/7 a side, rugby/football/hockey – whatever you’re into!

Hold a curry or BBQ night
Agree a set menu with your local curry house then charge everyone who comes along £5 extra

Auction of promises
Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their things. You can even ask people to donate themselves as ‘slaves for the day’!

Book/CD/DVD Sale

Get all your old books and all your friends’ books and then hold a sale

Ask your children’s school to help out:

Hold a non-uniform day
Or dress-down day or fancy dress day

Tuck Box

Bring food and drink into work and sell them (at a profit!) – they’ll appreciate the service and you’ll raise cash (and if they’re all healthy you can bring fruit!)

Guess the baby
Get hold of photos of your bosses/teachers as children and then get all the staff/students to pay to guess who’s who!