Meet The Kids

Scott’s red trike

Lovable one year old Scott, from Flintshire, has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Scott’s new trike has been tailored to his exact needs and has multiple benefits for Scott. It will encourage him to grasp handle bars, pedaling the specilaised trike will help reduce his increased muscle tone, it’s a great form of exercise and most of all it is fun!

“Dear All,

Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Scott on his amazing new trike. Thank you all so much for providing the funding for this. He absolutely loves it and it will help him so much! We’d never have been able to get one without you guys!!

Lots and lots of thanks and big kisses from Scott!

To fund this equipment cost £1,225 and we were able to help meet the cost of this through the very generous donation and support of the Morgan Foundation.

Sam’s Shiny New Trike

Sam is a very determined and happy five year old with cerebral palsy which affects his left side. Sam’s new specialised trike means that he can independently take part in bike rides to the park with his family but at the same time it with strengthen his muscles and improve co-ordination.

Joe on his new trike

Joe’s parents applied for funding for a specialised trike, supported by Joe’s teacher. Joe has autism and is also registered blind. It is therefore really important for Joe to develop his mobility and orientation skills.

Having a trike that he could ride independently would help Joe to develop his co-ordination, balance and ability to make gross motor movements. Cycling will also help Joe keep healthy and build up strength in his legs and arms.

Joe recently received his trike and is now able to cycle with friends and family and also rides his trike to school. As you can see from his picture, when Joe received his trike, his Mum tells us that he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to try it out, so much so that he wouldn’t wait until he had his socks and shoes on!

Joe’s trike cost £405 minus a contribution from Joe’s family from the proceeds of a sponsored half-marathon.

Elin’s New Viewpoint

Four year old Elin is an energetic and inquisitive little girl who has cerebral palsy and West syndrome. Elin has to be supported when sitting but she doesn’t really enjoy it, she is happiest when standing. Her new standing frame means that she can be held in an upright position where she can play with her toys and sensory equipment independently. The standing frame will help to improve Elin’s head control and stretch her legs but also enrich her family life and give her a whole new view point of the world!

We recently received a “thank you” email from Elin’s mum. Part of it reads:

“Dear Children Today. Thank you so much for supporting our application for equipment for our severely disabled daughter, Elin. The standing frame arrived last week and is already making life so much easier and benefitting Elin greatly. Thanks again.”

To fund this equipment cost £1,415 and we were able to help meet the cost of this through the very generous donation and support of the Morgan Foundation.

Alex plays a tune!

4 year old Alex has learning difficulties and autism.

Alex’s mum applied for funding for sensory equipment following a recommendation from Alex’s social worker that this specialised equipment would provide enhanced sensory input to aid Alex’s development including movement, deep touch pressure, tactile and auditory input. These sensory stimulations would allow Alex to learn, register more information and to develop his speech and language skills.

Alex’s mum sent us this photo of him with one of his specialised toys and comments “Thank you so much for your help and support. Alex loves his new toys and we’ve certainly noticed how much calmer he is during play.”

Alex’s sensory equipment cost £850

Samantha with her sit-to-stand wheelchair

18 year-old Samantha required help with funding a powered sit-to-stand wheelchair. She has cerebral palsy resulting in Samantha being totally wheelchair dependent. Her application for funding was supported by a Senior Paediatric Community Physiotherapist stating “Not only will it assist improved bone density, respiratory function, soft tissue structure and reduce bladder infections, but also enable Samantha to have improved eye contact with people and allow her to access the environment from a standing position.”

Samantha’s parents wrote to tell us how grateful the whole family was to the supporters of Children Today and the contribution made to the cost of her powered sit-to-stand wheelchair which cost £14,000.

Lola’s Accessories

Lola is a lovely three year old who has mosaic isochromosome 5p minus syndrome, seizures, hydrocephalus and developmental delay which is life limiting.

Her new buggy accessories (hood, rain cover and foot muff) allow the specialised buggy to be used to its full potential by enabling Lola to go out in bad weather.

She can now take part in more family activities helping to improve her quality of life.