December Grants

Written by Emma on 16th January 2015

Great news! we can confirm we have accepted over £5000 worth of grants for equipment.

Robin, 12 years old,

Robin is a keen footballer, which is good for his cystic fibrosis, but his current nebuliser is a mains operated one that requires him to go home and plug it in for 20 minutes before and after each game.

A grant for £722.10 was awarded for an E-flow Cystic Fibrosis Nebuliser. The new nebuliser is lightweight and battery operated, and takes half as long to use. This means he can do it pitchside or while travelling to games.

Kieran 8 years old,

Kieran has Downs Syndrome & Autism. Kieran cannot use normal bikes or scooters, and has limited ways to play with other children or gain exercise.

A grant for £650 has been awarded for a customized trike. This trike has been adapted to strap his heels to the pedals and to support his back and sides. In addition to the health benefits, it is particularly important for encouraging Kieran to go out and play by himself, developing independence.

Helen, 11 years old,

Helen has severe developmental delay, epilepsy, and profound multiple learning disabilities. Helen recently underwent surgery for her spine, and to aid her recovery from this, and for her general enjoyment, a grant for £531 has been awarded for an activity wall. This piece of specialised play equipment has a range of sensory toys that Helen will enjoy, but will also encourage her to sit in an upright position as she plays.

Leon, 12 years old

Leon has significant learning disabilities and special educational needs, and requires constant 1:1 adult supervision. He has limited ways to exercise, which makes him frustrated and affects his health.

A grant of £404 has been awarded for a specialized trampoline that can be used in the garden and help him let off steam.

Laura, 8 years old

Laura has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and learning difficulties. She has sensory processing difficulties that impact her ability to concentrate and sustain attention. Her Occupational Therapists have found that a weighted jacket and weighted compression vest support her sensory processing and makes it easier for her to go with her parents to every day public locations like the shops, and to take part in school activities.

A grant for £139 has been awarded to cover the cost of both the jacket and the vest.

Matthew, 7 years old

Matthew has autism spectrum disorder, severe learning disabilities and challenging behavior with sensory integration. He is a highly energetic boy who has no awareness of the dangers surrounding him in the home.

A grant has been awarded for £640 to pay for a range of wall padding that will allow Matthew to have a safe space in which to let off his energy. In addition the grant will cover the cost of a ‘wobbly pirate’, a large pirate toy on rounded base on which Mason can take out his frustrations – safely!

Angel, 6 years old

Angel has multiple disabilities, including Dandy Walker Syndrome, Dextrocardia and Bilateral Limb absences. She requires specialist seating at all time, but currently has nothing suitable at home other than her wheelchair.

A grant has been awarded for £1156 to pay for a P Pod Bean Seat. This is a bespoke seat, fitted specifically around Angel’s unique frame, to allow her to sit comfortably in the home.

Christopher, 16 years old

Christopher has Autism, and three years ago was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has generalized weakness, and following his chemo- and radio- therapies he now has a drop foot.  Due the combination of circumstances, his general play and activities are limited.

A grant for £996 has been awarded for a customized trike. The trike includes a seat belt and toe clips to ensure that he is secure. Trikes are excellent for promoting physical fitness, enhanced independence and a sense of fun.