Written by Emma on 25th July 2014


Cheshire residents are being encouraged to Look Good, Do Good and Feel Great. A new initiative was launched in Chester on Friday called My Detox Day which offers participants the chance to get fit, manage their weight better AND raise money for less able kids.

The launch of My Detox Day took place on National Fitness Day and saw representatives from the health and fitness community across the city meet together with Children Today. It is the result of some ‘joined up thinking’ and some startling statistics; “If trends continue, 40% of UK adults will be obese by 2030, up from current levels of 26%.”(1) Also that 89% of people who achieve successful weight loss, do so with a combination of diet and exercise. Only 10% achieve this with diet alone and 1% with exercise alone. (2)

Alan Dodd, Chief Executive Officer of Children Today said; “Detox Day combines Expert support for fitness and exercise to help define and achieve some fitness goals, with the right diet; A Detox Box to kick-start healthy eating habits and a powerful incentive; participants raise money for charity, involving friends and family from the start and celebrating together when they reach their goals.”

Participation forms are at gyms and fitness centres across the city and explain how anyone can get involved. For less than £13.40 a day for all the food they need in a 9 day Detox programme, participants get a Detox Box, the information needed for a healthier start to healthy eating, a list of participating gyms and trainers in the area some with special offers, an official sponsorship form and a Children Today T Shirt. Children Today will refund the cost of the Detox Box once £500 sponsorship has been raised by an individual.

More info and registration.

References: 1 – NHS. 2 – As measured since 1994 by The National Weight Control Registry for over 10,000 individuals who have lost weight and kept it off for over a year.