Elin’s New Viewpoint

Written by Emma on 25th July 2014

Four year old Elin is an energetic and inquisitive little girl who has cerebral palsy and West syndrome. Elin has to be supported when sitting but she doesn’t really enjoy it, she is happiest when standing. Her new standing frame means that she can be held in an upright position where she can play with her toys and sensory equipment independently. The standing frame will help to improve Elin’s head control and stretch her legs but also enrich her family life and give her a whole new view point of the world!

We recently received a “thank you” email from Elin’s mum. Part of it reads:

“Dear Children Today. Thank you so much for supporting our application for equipment for our severely disabled daughter, Elin. The standing frame arrived last week and is already making life so much easier and benefitting Elin greatly. Thanks again.”

To fund this equipment cost £1,415 and we were able to help meet the cost of this through the very generous donation and support of the Morgan Foundation.