Ex-flower show staging for sale!

Written by Emma on 22nd September 2017

Award-winning prop for sale!

A very kind green-fingered benefactor is looking to sell a beautiful ‘ruin’ prop (painted and made of polystyrene) that was recently used in an award-winning display garden at the Southport Flower Show with a donation going to our charity.

The “ruin” has actually a wooden frame and is cladded with polystyrene “stone blocks”. Hence unfortunately it is not suitable for outdoor use.

It comes apart in manageable and transportable blocks but will need a van size vehicle and will need to be collected. We do have two construction guys who are happy to put it together at it’s final site for you provided that’s not too far away from Bolton, and touch up all the paintwork (as sadly polystyrene doesn’t like being transported very much!).

Please share to wedding organisers, event managers, film or TV prop researchers or whoever you think would be interested in snapping this up! If you would like to make an offer for it please contact Glenda on glendaostick@gmail.com (ideally she would like a donation of at least £100 for the charity). Collection only.

Picture of the prop is visible here along with the dimensions  but for more information contact Emma on 01244 335622.