Grants Awarded!!!

Written by Emma on 2nd March 2015

Great news! we can confirm we have accepted £4448 worth of grants for equipment.


Julia has Global Development Delay and a physical disability involving symptoms that are similar to cerebral palsy. Recent x-rays have shown that as a result of her condition her spine has begun to curve, in large part due to the way that she sleeps.

A grant has been awarded to her mother to allow her to purchase a sleep system that includes a stabilising mesh, a specialised fibre mattress, a supine stabilizer and a number of wedges and pillows. This will allow her to sleep in an ideal position and arrest the curving of her spine.

Grant awarded – £1086




Jamie has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy affecting his whole body muscle tone, particularly on his right side. As he gets older he finds he is less and less able to play with his brother and his friends. Though the family have tried to include him by, for example, pushing his wheelchair alongside his friends as they play, they have been unable to get him involved.

A grant has been awarded to supply a specialised Trike for Jamie. The customisations make it easy for Jamie to ride by himself and get involved in the games his friends and brother plays


Grant awarded – £1010




Liam is a young adult with cerebral palsy. He is at an age where a lack of independence can affect one’s dignity and confidence. He is keen to go to shops, pubs and restaurants as all young adults do, but being a wheelchair user makes it difficult while he is there.


A grant has been awarded for a special adaptation, a riser that can be fitted to his chair. This simple idea can be of huge benefit as it allows Liam to rise and reach things from his chair, allowing him to be far more independent in his life.


Grant awarded – £744



Howard has multiple complex conditions. In Howard’s case this causes poor endurance for walking which significantly affects both his general health and his ability to play with friends. Although he can go to the park, for example, he cannot join in games that involve running about. Needless to say like all children this is what he would love to do.


A grant has been awarded to purchase a trike. This has dual benefits. One the one hand he can build up his endurance by engaging in achievable exercise. On the other hand it allows him to play and have fun with his friends for longer.


Grant awarded – £610




Sara has global development delay and cannot yet speak. This particularly affects her education as she is finding it difficult to learn. Like all people, a lack of appropriate education in early years can have a profound impact on one’s future prospects.


Her parents have decided to support her learning at home, so a grant has been awarded for a wide range of specialised educational toys. The list of items is long and includes toys focussed on letters and numbers, alphabet mats, wall charts, shape sorting kits and many more.


Grant awarded – £998


Total this month – £4448