January Grants

Written by Emma on 9th February 2015

Great news! we can confirm we have accepted £4489 worth of grants for equipment.

James 8 years old

James has autism, with particular dysfunction with his vision and touch. There are very few things he is able to do by himself and he requires constant close supervision. This puts demands on his family and limits his own development.

A grant has been awarded to James to fund a range of sensory equipment, including a bubble tube, fibre optic lights and a UV light. This will give James a safe and engaging activity he can use in the home without supervision.

Grant awarded – £1000

DANIELLE, 13 years old

Danielle has a microdeletion on Chromosome 8, a congenital heart disease and a significant learning disability. She cannot do eye contact and has limited eye coordination. Her family also finds it difficult to find time to safely leave her to explore.

A grant has been awarded for sensory equipment including a range of fibre optic toys, a microphone for Danielle to hear her own voice and a range of animated musical DVDs specially aimed at children.

Grant awarded – £1000

Gerrard, 4 years old

Gerrard has severe, complex, physical and learning disabilities with a diagnosis of Diamond-Blackfan anaemia, Global Development Delay and Microcephaly. She does not walk, has a visual impairment, has epilepsy and cannot communicate with speech. Gerrard cannot be safely positioned in a standard car seat and since she needs regular support from the hospital it makes transport for her and her family very difficult.

A grant gas been awarded for £646 to pay for a specialised car seat that can be used to move her safely and comfortably.

This award was made up the final amount that the family had requested, with another £1300 being paid by Caudwell Children’s Trust.

Grant awarded – £646.

Jenny, 17 years old

Jenny is an active, sporty 17 year old. She is quadriplegic with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. She can weight bear with assistance but cannot walk and is reliant on her wheelchair for getting about. She has discovered that a hand bike works well for her as it gives her independence to move around on rough ground, allowing her to enjoy going outdoors alone.

A grant has been awarded to cover the cost of a specialised hand bike that can attach to her current bicycle. This has the advantage of minimizing the equipment she has to take when going on trips while still giving her the independence and control she needs to explore outdoors independently.

Grant awarded – £1000.

Andrew, 7 years old

Andrew has autism, with problems with anxiety agitation and his general behaviour. Andrew and his mother live alone with no other family in the house to support them. This makes it very challenging for Andrew to get the kind of ongoing support and stimulation that he needs.

A grant has been awarded for a range of sensory equipment to encourage communication, increase awareness of his environment and to help give Andrew an enjoyable quality of life.

Grant awarded – £843.54


Total awarded – £4489