Our Aviva Crowdfunding page raises £700!

Written by Rachel Sutherland on 5th June 2020


A huge thank you to everyone who shared and donated to our Aviva Crowdfunding project! You helped us raise a fantastic £700 which will help us continue to support children and young people with disabilities across the UK. 

This could help pay for a P-Pod Chair to help a child with their posture, allowing them to sit comfortably at home. Or, it could fund three weighted blankets to help three children with severe autism who have difficulty calming down at night to have a much-needed, restful sleep. 

Whichever life-changing equipment this money goes towards, it is certain that it will allow a child to feel more independent, confident and ultimately less isolated. 

Once again, thank you. We appreciate every bit of your support. 


The equipment which we help provide funding for has a monumental impact on the lives of the individuals we support. The arrival of a new trike or adapted pushchair often allows a family to spend more quality time together, outdoors. 

Children and young people with disabilities may already feel isolated without access to the right equipment. Now, with the current government restrictions in place, this feeling of isolation will be amplified for the individual and their family members too.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you as we need your help to continue supporting these individuals during these difficult times. You can help us make a huge difference to families in desperate need of our help by making a donation on our Aviva Crowdfunding page

We’re proud to share all of the examples of life-changing grants we’ve helped provide to families across the UK. Take Jimmy for example, who benefits from his adapted trike not just in terms of his physical rehabilitation but it has also given him a self-confidence boost. The little boy’s mum, Jenni, said: “Jimmy has gone through so much in his young life already so we are very grateful that he’s able to cycle once again with this special trike which we thought he would never be able to do again.”

Watch Jimmy’s story below to find out how much of an impact an adapted trike can have! 

Due to Covid-19 some of the families on our waiting list are high-risk so are house-bound and desperately need this equipment for their child more than ever to have some sort of physical rehabilitation at home during this difficult time.

We desperately want to keep helping families in need who require our support more than ever. These funds will help us provide equipment grants for more children and their families. 

You can find our Aviva Crowdfunding page here.

Thank you.