Sam’s Shiny New Trike

Written by Emma on 25th July 2014

Sam is a very determined and happy five year old with cerebral palsy which affects his left side. Sam’s new specialised trike means that he can independently take part in bike rides to the park with his family but at the same time it with strengthen his muscles and improve co-ordination.

Sam’s mum wrote a “thank you” letter to let us know how he was getting on:

“Dear Children Today,

Just wanted to say a really big thank you for your very kind and generous donation towards Sam’s new trike.

He has taken to it so well, you can tell he feel very safe and secure on board and he is really trying to keep his two hands on the handle bars. He is doing a great job of pedalling and you can tell he is really enjoying himself.

It’s amazing to see a little boy who was unable to ride a normal bike, just go ahead and ride this new trike no problem.

I can see it is going to give him so much fun and most importantly a real sense of achievement in himself over the years to come. The benefits it is going to do to exercising his muscles and boosting his pride in his own independence, I cannot ever thank you enough.

Here’ a little photo of my little man on his new yellow bike, so you can see the smile on his face!!

Thank you once again.”