Trusts and Foundations

Written by Emma on 25th July 2014

A very generous donation from a charitable trust last summer that “prefers to support small charities” enabled us to fund the provision of a wide range of specialised equipment to 24 children and young people (and a contribution towards the equipment for a 25th child) living all over the United Kingdom. The children ranged in age from 4 to 14 years old with many differing conditions and disabilities. The cost of the equipment ranged from just a few hundred pounds – £144.00 for a communication aid, right up to £2,499.00 for a safe space.

We were delighted to receive lots of letters of thanks from parents along with some lovely photographs of the children with their new equipment. These were passed onto the Trustees of the charitable trust concerned as grateful acknowledgement of their generous support.

Needless to say, every Trust and Foundation donation made to Children Today is greatly appreciated and without this invaluable support, many children would still be waiting for their specialised equipment to be funded. 100% of all funds raised from charitable trusts and foundations is spent on the provision of specialised equipment for sick and disabled children and young people like Elijah.

Elijah, age 8, is from Mitcham in Surrey. He has autism and not only will his new trampoline help his on-going development and increase his coordination, social and balance skills but will also satisfy his need for constant movement and improve his gross motor skills. The cost of providing Elijah with this trampoline was £594.98

Elijah’s 9 year old brother, Shiloh, who also has autism with ADHD, benefits from sharing the equipment that the trust funded. Both the boys are already benefitting in health terms from weight loss due to increased activity and socially from increased interaction with each other.

We’ve just received a “thank you” e-mail from Elijah’s mum, with a photograph of Elijah on his new trampoline.

Part of mum’s e-mail reads:

“I’m so sorry it took so long for me to get back to you I do feel that I had to find the right pictures for you well Elijah and Shiloh often play on their trampoline and they have both began to lose weight following the occupational advice this also gives me a break I was quite emotional when talking to you last I was so happy for the boys and grateful to your charity for the help thank you again. Veronica”