Wall of Thanks


We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support and we’re extremely grateful for each and every donation we receive. 

Your generosity allows us to continue supporting children and young people with disabilities across the UK with life-changing pieces of equipment they desperately need. 

Recently, you helped us reach an amazing £700 in donations through our Aviva Crowdfunding project. As a small charity, we initiated this crowdfunding project in response to the influx of new applications we have received throughout the pandemic. The lockdown restrictions along with a lack of access to the right equipment at home meant, for many families, feelings of isolation may have been increased.

These funds could help pay for a P-Pod Chair to help a disabled child with their posture, allowing them to sit comfortably at home. Or, it could fund three weighted blankets to help three children with severe autism who have difficulty calming down at night to have a much-needed, restful sleep. 

Whatever this money goes towards, it is certain that it will allow an individual to feel more independent, confident and ultimately less isolated. 

Along with the Aviva Community Fund which donated a total of £525 in funding, and those who chose to donate anonymously – we want to say a huge thank you to the following people who donated, you’re all amazing! 


  • Peter Evans
  • Louise P
  • Anthony Buckley
  • Max Tillotson Home
  • Rachel Sutherland
  • Hugh McCaw
  • Michelle Millerick
  • Lizzie and Joe Boden
  • John Howitt
  • Robert Kirkpatrick