What CHARITY OF THE YEAR status would mean for you.

The money that you raise will make an enormous difference to the lives of disabled children that we help.

We can also offer you the following:
•Excellent PR opportunities – whether it be cheque handover photos, press releases, social media content or photos with the children that we help – we can help raise your profile.

•Access to our network – as well as featuring on our website, we would also promote your CHARITY OF THE YEAR status to our network of 1,000s via newsletters, email blasts and other promotional material.

•Association with a great charity – you can use the Children Today logo for your marketing material and social media content.


Children Today fund specialised equipment to give disabled children the same opportunities, independence and comfort that other children enjoy.Finlay 1 G002724

Children Today does not receive funding from the government, lottery or any other source, we totally rely on fundraising. Which is why we are appealing to you to consider us to be your CHARITY OF THE YEAR 2017 and help us raise the funds to grant the wishes of all the children on our waiting list who need specialist equipment.

Every child deserves a chance.

We believe that disabled children deserve the opportunities to be involved in activities that other children take for granted. Like riding a bike. We fund specially adapted trikes so that disabled children can have fun, a little independence from their families and some exercise.
We believe that every disabled child should be able to sit comfortably. Which is why we fund p-pod chairs and other seating designed especially for the unique frames of children with disabilities.Rebekah Libby 2 G002243 (00000002)

We believe that disabled children should have the same access that other children have. Like being able to stand when trying to reach something from a shelf or simply having a wheelchair that fits under their desk at school. We fund wheelchairs that can help disabled children stand up and other wheelchairs that are specially adapted for the user’s needs.

In fact, at Children Today we fund any piece of equipment that will improve and enhance the life of a disabled child. This equipment doesn’t come cheap. While a standard bike can be bought for as little as £50, specially adapted trikes cost over £1,000. A standard child’s bean bag starts from £10. The comfortable p-pod chairs for a disabled child cost £1,200. Specially adapted wheelchairs can run to £10,000. Whatever you can raise during 2017 would help fund vital equipment for the children on our waiting list.

We may be a small charity but we make a huge difference to the children that we help. Children like Mario and Angel.



7 year old Mario was diagnosed with hemiplegia when he was 6 months old which has left him weak on the right side of his body. As a result Mario can’t ride a standard bike as he hasn’t got the balance or core strength. Mario felt left out as he couldn’t join in with other children and play out with his friends. Children Today were able to grant Mario’s wish by funding a trike that was specially designed for Mario’s needs.
“ Mario can play out with his friends and his sister and be a normal child and not feel left out. Mario is doing amazing well now. Please keep raising money for these children because it changes their lives. “ Mario’s mum


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Angel is now 8 years old and has multiple disabilities including Dandy Walkers Syndrome. She was born without arms and without one of her knee caps. Angel didn’t have a comfortable chair to sit on at home and her grandmother applied for funding for a comfortable p-pod chair.
“The support I’ve received from Children Today has been fantastic. Without the equipment (that you fund) the children wouldn’t have the freedom they currently enjoy.” Angel’s grandmother

Help us to help more children like Mario and Angel by considering us to be your CHARITY OF THE YEAR.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01244 335 622