For donors & fundraisers

Am I able to specify a location or region that I would like the money I raise or donate be used for?
Yes – we have worked with companies or individual donors previously that would like us to ring-fence funding to be used to grant awards for children that live in a specific area of the UK.

I need to update my details or contact preferences – how can I do this?
Just give us a call on 01244 335622 and we can do this for you!


For applicants

Do you provide grants for holidays?
No, unfortunately we only provide grants for specialised equipment.

Do you means test?
Sadly we receive more applications than we are able to fund so, whilst we don’t means test, we do take into consideration the number of benefits the family receives so that we can make the best possible impact with the applications we are able to fund. We do ask that applicants are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance before applying.

Do you provide grants for ipads, laptops or communication equipment?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide grants for communication equipment like ipads, apps and laptops currently as they don’t fall into our criteria.

How often can we apply?
After you receive your grant or are informed that you are unsuccessful in your application, you are able to reapply after twelve months.