Apply now

If you would like to make an application for a grant to fund a piece of specialised equipment please call us on 01244 335622 to discuss your needs and request an application form once you have a quotation from your preferred supplier. If you do not have a quotation from a supplier yet please click here for some of our recommended suppliers as a starting point. 

As part of our application process we ask that you please provide the following:
  • Obtain a professional medical reference from someone who works with your child in a professional capacity saying how this piece of equipment will benefit your child (occupational therapist, physiotherapist etc).
  • Provide a valid quotation from the supplier of the equipment (please note we do not offer any retrospective funding and the quotation must still be in date).
  • Provide some basic financial information on the application form.
Simply return the application form along with the supporting information to:
Children Today, 17B Telford Court, Chestergates Business Park, Chester, CH1 6LT
Please note, due to a high level of applications received, we currently have a waiting list of approximately 4 months before applications go to grants panel.