Jaydi’s fundraising page

Jaydi’s fundraising page

Seven-year-old Jaydi is short of funds to pay for an adapted trike – which will allow her to experience true independence and freedom. 

The little girl, whose body size resembles that of a four-year-old’s, has ligase IV microcephalic primordial dwarfism – a condition which affects her growth. Jaydi is around 3ft and is not expected to grow much taller.

Despite her petite size, Jaydi, who is sight impaired, has hearing issues and hip dysplasia, is determined not to resort to sitting in a buggy and dreams of a comfortable, secure specialised trike to call her own.

The youngster’s mum, Lisa, says: “She’s so active – so the trike will help get rid of some of that physical energy and will hopefully build up the muscles in her legs too, which will be amazing. 

“Another great thing about the trike is that it has a handle so I can help steer her and there’s the option of moving the pedals out of the way when her legs get tired so she can have a rest and I can push her along. Because she will not grow much more, I expect it’ll last forever.”

Can you help fund Jaydi’s adapted trike?

Any funds raised over and above what we need to provide this equipment for Jaydi will go towards helping fund vitally needed equipment for other children in need.

To make a donation to Children Today and help fund a specialised trike for Jaydi then please see the form below.

Thank you.