Meet Dominik

Domini in his new Kudu manual wheelchair

Meet Dominik

Manual wheelchair

Dominik was diagnosed with the chronic neuromuscular condition Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy which means he has a significantly reduced range of movement due to the stiffness of his muscle tone. This also means he has posture problems and can sadly be in considerable pain with his muscles often going into spasm.


His old wheelchair was not providing the support required to hold him up, which could not only have been very dangerous but was also affecting Dominik’s psychological wellbeing. As the chair was not fitted to his body it was also uncomfortable for him, especially as he was often spending a few hours in the wheelchair every day.

Dominik’s Physiotherapist recommended the ‘Kudu’ manual wheelchair to provide the right fit and support and help improve his overall level of mobility. Adaptations on the wheelchair mean that Dominik’s head is supported when resting and it has extra straps to stop his lower limbs from strengthening during spasm, keeping him safe and secure.

However the wheelchair would cost over £2,500 which was way more than the family could have been able to afford so they reached out to charities, including Children Today, to see if they could get funding for the equipment Dominik so desperately needed. They were awarded funding from ourselves and the Variety club. Dominik’s dad Eli comments:

Dominik's dad speaks about how funding for the wheelchair has made a difference to Dominik's life