Meet Hope

Hope rides her adapted trike

Meet Hope

Adapted trike

Hope, who has Apert Syndrome, was unable to ride a bike previously due to her condition as she has severely malformed hands and feet. Adaptations on this special trike mean that Hope can pedal backwards instead of using the handles to brake, so she can now join her twin brother and older sister on family bike rides for the first time.  

Hope’s mum Claire applied to us for funding as the family would have been unable to buy Hope’s trike without additional support. We provided a grant for the full amount of £1200 with Claire saying the timing of donation was ‘fantastic’ as it was getting harder for the family to go out together. Hope’s mum Claire says:

Hope's mum Claire quote

As well as riding the trike herself, Hope can also be pushed along by her parents on it. Claire adds: “The trike is helping develop her muscles and improve her physical wellbeing as she is doing more exercise, yet when she gets tired we can push her for a while. Hope is not in pain as often and she is incredibly proud to be riding her ‘big girls bike’ as she calls it.

This really has been a game changer for our family.”

Watch Hope on one of her first rides on her trike here