Meet Immy

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Meet Immy

Adapted trike

Eight-year-old Imogen Copp– Immy to her friends and family – can finally join her friends on bike rides for the first time, since receiving her adapted Tomcat trike. 

Immy, from Wellington, has unilateral cerebral palsy, affecting her right side, and is partially sighted, due to complications at birth.

But despite the challenges Immy faces she is “fiercely independent” according to her mum, Sarah, which is one of the reasons she was desperate to be able to ride a bike on her own.

Due to her condition Immy isn’t able to ride a regular bike as she struggles to pedal and, due to her vision impairment and the weakness in her right side, tends to veer to the left. However, after trialling an adapted trike her parents realised it was possible.

At a cost of over £3,800 for the trike, which is specifically engineered to suit Immy’s needs, with callipers to stabilise her feet and legs, back support and a lap belt to help keep her upright and safe, the family reached out to Children Today for support.

We pledged a £1,000 towards the trike and launched a fundraising appeal to help Immy’s dream of riding a bike come true.

The family were astounded by the generosity of friends, family, neighbours and even complete strangers!

Sarah Copp says:

“Receiving Immy’s trike was a big thing for Immy, and us as a family.

“She’s so independent and wants to do whatever her peers can, so it’s been amazing to see her experience that feeling of fun and freedom, cycling along with her friends! The day after her trike arrived, she couldn’t wait to get into school to tell her friends all about it.

“Since then, we’ve had lots of trips to the park on the trike, and she’s loving the independence it has given her. We’re really looking forward to many cycling adventures together as a family in the future!”

Immy was desperate to be able to ride a bike like her friends.


Not only is the trike providing social opportunities it also has huge health benefits.

Sarah continues:

“The trike has been amazing for Immy’s physio. We go swimming regularly, which is vital to help build Immy’s muscle tone, strength and stamina, but we’re obviously limited to opening times and set lessons. With the trike she can cycle to school every day and get the daily exercise she needs!

“I’m so proud of Immy, she really is amazing. She’s been through so much, but she takes everything in her stride. She finds so many ways to do two-handed tasks with one hand, but without this adapted trike, cycling just wasn’t something within her capabilities.

“We always try and do our best for Immy and her brother, but despite putting some of our own savings aside for the trike, sometimes the extra costs associated with raising children with disabilities makes that an impossibility, especially in the current financial climate.

“We can’t thank everyone who donated to Immy’s appeal enough for helping to give her one of the best gifts imaginable – the gift of togetherness and inclusion! Thank you!”


Can you help us help more children like Immy who are desperate to ride a bike with their friends?

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