Meet Leila

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Meet Leila

Bubble tube

Leila, who lives in Wimbledon, has been diagnosed with x chromosome deletion, global development delay and is registered as sight impaired. Because of her condition she needs full assistance with all activities of daily living and her poor vision means that she’s very limited in what she can do on her own.

Leila with her bubble tubeAfter Leila’s Occupational Therapist recommended a bubble tube to help give Leila more sensory stimulation and hopefully increase her independence, Leila’s mum looked for charities that could provide funding for equipment like this.

Leila’s mum Naseem comments:

“The bubble tube cost over £800 which we just wouldn’t have been able to pay for – but we knew it could have a really positive impact on helping develop Leila’s motor skills.”

Naseem applied to us for funding and was delighted when we provided a grant for the full amount. She adds:

“The bubble tube has been hugely beneficial to Leila and she really enjoys it. As her vision is so bad she cannot be left on her own very often but as it’s in her bedroom it’s one of the very few things she can do on her own in a safe environment which is priceless.

“The bubble tube has a switch on it which is helping to teach her about cause and effect and as the tube vibrates it’s been really good for her physiotherapy as she can use it to practise standing. In fact, it has had an even bigger and better impact on family life than we ever expected – it has been life changing for us.”