Meet Louisa

Louisa in her specialised seating system which Children Today funded in full

Meet Louisa

Specialised seating system

Louisa’s life has been enhanced since being awarded a grant from Children Today for a specialised seating system. 

The six-year-old, who has cerebral palsy and cannot sit up unsupported, can now perch comfortably at eye level with her loved ones – increasing her social interactions. 

Before receiving the life-changing equipment Louisa, who lives with her mum in Lancashire, had limited options on where she could sit.

Louisa’s mum, Marilia, explains that when she visited a friend’s house, she would have no choice but to prop her little girl up with cushions to support her, sometimes even on the floor. 

Since being awarded the full amount of £989.00 in funding for the equipment, the seating system has provided the family with happiness, ease and dignity. Marilia says:

“Now she can be at eye level with other people and see what’s going on in the room rather than always having a view from down below, looking up. Now she can look people in the eye instead. 

“It makes it easier for her to socialise and be part of what’s going on in the room, for people to approach her and talk to her – it’s so much better.” 

Louisa, who mum says has an “infectious laugh”, is non-verbal and communicates by expressing herself through her eyes. The little girl is very social and pays attention to people by following them around with her eyes. Marilia continues:

“She looks like she’s part of the room now when she’s in her chair (which can attach to furniture). She looks very happy and is able to be much more included.”

Louisa in her specialised seating system

Marilia says the seating system is great as it’s “versatile and lightweight” and can be used in other people’s houses, cafes, restaurants and even on aeroplanes. As they have family in Brazil, mum is confident that their next journey to her motherland will be much more comfortable and effortless. Marilia branded the long journeys they’ve previously taken as a “nightmare” as she had to carry their hand luggage, including all of Louisa’s medicine, and a heavy car seat. 

The specialised equipment, which mum says she can carry easily over her shoulder, is set to last Louisa a long time, through her teenage years and possibly into adulthood too. The seating system helps to correct bad posture and will help prevent Louisa’s posture from worsening. Marilia adds:

“The equipment is something we can use in the future. For me, it’s all about the versatility really and how we can use it in lots of different ways. It’s a great investment and I really appreciate the help Children Today has given us.

“We have so many things that are difficult for us so to have something that makes our lives easier like this seating system, makes a massive difference.”