Meet Lyndon

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Meet Lyndon

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Lyndon Law – who his mum says has “the most beautiful and loving nature” – has Autism, Global Development Delay, Hypermobilty and is non-verbal.

Due to his condition, eight-year-old Lyndon struggles with being able to walk very far and he can find changes in environment and transitions very overwhelming.


Lyndon’s mum, Charlotte, say he has “the most beautiful and loving nature”


Charlotte Hearn, Lyndon’s mum, says:

“Lyndon is a happy child by nature, but his condition means he can have behavioural outbursts and his development is severely delayed. While he is starting to be able to express himself with a few words and some Makaton, he’s primarily non-verbal so it can be really frustrating for him that he often can’t explain or tell us what he wants and needs.

“We previously had a McClaren Elite buggy, which is designed for children with special needs, but he’d outgrown it. So, we had a specialist buggy on loan from a charity. The difference was unbelievable – he took to it like a duck to water. He’d often have melt downs in the McClaren buggy and I really struggled to him keep in it, so he must have been really uncomfortable in it but just couldn’t tell me.”

After seeing how much of  difference the specialist buggy made Charlotte applied to Children Today for support to buy a buggy of their own, as the equipment loan was coming to an end.

Charlotte comments:

“Since having the new buggy Lyndon’s like a different boy, it gives him his own safe space and provides peace and comfort for him. He’s actually very protective over it and it literally goes wherever we go now!

“He recently had an accident in school, which resulted in a trip to A&E and he ended up needing surgery on his hand. I was naturally really concerned about how he would cope with it all. Spending time in hospital with a child is always upsetting, but with Lyndon’s additional needs it presents extra challenges and I was worried he’d find it very distressing. But the buggy really helped, as it gave him his own space where he could find comfort and relax more.”

The buggy also provides peace of mind for Charlotte, knowing Lyndon is safe and secure and also enables them to walk to school.


Lyndon struggles with being able to walk very far and he can find changes in environment and transitions very overwhelming.


Charlotte adds:

“We’ve recently moved home and we’re now walking distance from Lyndon’s school, so it’s great being able to walk him rather than send him in a taxi. I couldn’t have walked him in the old buggy, it would have been a nightmare trying to keep him in it and he’d have started the day upset and overwhelmed. Pushing him to school is a nice way to start the day together!

“Lyndon is my whole world! His love is so pure and he brings me a lot of happiness, but equally special needs is very misunderstood and life can feel really hard sometimes, so anything that can make life that little bit easier really is a huge life-line for us.”