Meet Madison

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Meet Madison

Adapted buggy

Five-year-old Madison from Congleton has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), as well as a number of other undiagnosed medical needs.

Madison had outgrown her standard buggy, but because she is prone to running off and has limited danger awareness, due to her condition, her parents felt they needed a specialist buggy for Madison’s safety. 

Her mum, Lauren Gartside, says:

“The buggy we were using for Madison was much too small for her and it was a struggle to push as it wasn’t suitable for an older child.

“It had got to the point that I couldn’t go out with Madison on my own, because she could easily unclip herself in the old buggy. After several incidents of her getting out and running off, I was in constant fear that she could escape. It just wasn’t safe.”

Madison was given a life-changing buggy thanks to Children Today and Rotary Congleton.

Since receiving a specialist buggy, designed for older children, the family has described how it has given them a whole new lease of life and peace of mind.

Lauren continues:

“I can’t describe how much of a difference this new buggy has had. It’s made our lives so much easier and we can go to more places that simply weren’t an option before. We’ve even had a successful trip to the zoo!  

“Before, even a simple trip to the supermarket could be fraught with difficulty and danger. Now I have peace of mind that Madison is safe, secure and comfortable.

“The new buggy has two harnesses, one across the chest and one across the waist, so it’s much more difficult for Madison to undo herself. But to be honest, she’s so much happier in the new buggy that she’s less likely to try and get out anyway. I think it feels less ‘babyish’ to her as it’s more upright and fits her properly.”