Meet Morgan

Morgan's trike has had a positive effect on his communication and behaviour...

Meet Morgan

Adapted trike

Ten-year-old Morgan, from Llandybie. has Autism and has Global Development Delay (GDD). Due to his condition Morgan was unable to ride a regular bike, as he’s unable to pedal independently. 

However, after trialling an adapted trike at the local park and through school, Morgan’s mum and dad were delighted to see him being able to cycle on his own for the first time.   

At a cost of over £800 though, Morgan’s family reached out for support from Children Today and we were able to help them with the cost of the trike.  

His dad, Howard, said:

“We’d hired trikes at a local country park several times and Morgan loved it, but we were limited to specific time slots and often needed to book in advance. We also tried a regular bike with stabilisers, but because the stabilisers don’t sit flush to the ground he would wobble and then felt unsafe.  

“Now that Morgan has his very own trike we’re able to go out whenever we want, meaning he can get regular exercise and experience the joy of cycling, like other little boys his age.  

“To say Morgan loves the outdoors is an understatement. He just loves being outside and the feeling of fresh air and space. He particularly likes trails and pathways, so as the Millennium Costal Path is on our doorstep, we’re really looking forward to cycling trips there together.” 

Not only has the trike helped Morgan to get frequent exercise, his parents have noticed it has had a positive impact on his communication and behaviour too.  

Carmela, Morgan’s mum, adds:

“Morgan is non-verbal and primarily uses picture cards – known as PEC cards –  to communicate, as he’s not keen on signing. We’ve really noticed that the trike is helping with his communication skills. It’s helping him to learn his left from right and gives him focus when he gets frustrated. 

“The trike gives him an outlet. If he’s bored or upset but can’t quite communicate those feelings, he’ll take us to the garage to get his trike.”   

To watch a video of Morgan riding his trike click below!