Meet Zac

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Meet Zac

Adapted trike

11-year-old Zac Harvey, from Herne Bay, is able to enjoy his passion for cycling again, thanks to a successful fundraising appeal for a specially adapted trike launched by Children Today. 

Zac has Down Syndrome, and is unable to pedal a regular bike due to his condition. His family had been using a second-hand tag-along trike for Zac, that attached to his older brother’s bike, but the bike was stolen last year.  

Zac’s family looked into alternative options so they could enjoy their favourite family activity together once again, and reached out to Children Today for support towards a specially adapted Tomcat Trike.  

Zac and his family have always enjoyed family bikes rides together

Isabel Harvey, Zac’s mum, explains:

“Zac has a love of the great outdoors and has always enjoyed family bike rides. So, when the bike was stolen we were at a loss as it meant we couldn’t take Zac with us on family bike rides anymore. It felt awful that he wasn’t included.” 

Children Today pledged £1,000 towards the cost of the trike and launched a fundraising appeal to raise the remaining amount needed for the trike.  

Donations came flooding in from friends, family and the local community including donations from Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Club and local youth football club, Herne Bay Youth FC.

Isabel continues:

“Now we’ve received Zac’s trike it’s given us the opportunity to get out and about together more. Zac absolutely loves it!  

“We took him out several times with us walking alongside so he could get used to it, but it wasn’t long before we had to run to keep up with him!” 

The trike also provides opportunities for Zac to get regular exercise in a fun way. It can be used as a stand-alone trike that Zac can pedal by himself, or attached to another bike, meaning Zac can join his family on longer bike rides.   

Isabel comments:

“We’ve had several family bike rides over the school holidays. We even cycled more than three and half miles the other day together.

“You should see the joy on his face as he rings his bell and passes people saying thank you as they’ve stepped out of his way. It’s given him so much independence!

“We would like to thank Children Today and everyone who donated and made this possible.”


The trike has given Zac more independence and lots of fun!