Trike Donation scheme

At Children Today we are passionate about helping as many children and young people with disabilities as possible have the best quality of life, giving them the opportunity to try out different activities which could help improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

To help encourage more opportunities for inclusive cycling across the UK, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Trike Donation scheme in partnership with the charity Wheels for All. This scheme aims to not only help more children, who would otherwise not be able to cycle, get the chance to try out inclusive cycling but will also increase the life cycle of the adapted trikes we help provide to our beneficiaries. 

Wheels for all logo

Once a child has outgrown their adapted trike and has no further use for it, the family can contact us to help donate their used trike to one of the 28 Wheels for All centres across the UK. These pre-loved trikes would then go on to be used by families visiting Wheels for All centres for inclusive cycling sessions, giving participants the chance to choose from a range of specially adapted cycles and trikes according to their ability and needs and enjoy a fun and friendly activity together as a family. On average this means every adapted trike that we help donate on could go on to be used by a further 70 children at a Wheel for All centre each week*.

Charity Director Emma Prescott adds: “We’re proud to be working with Wheels for All to give more families the chance to try out and enjoy the benefits of inclusive cycling through our Trike Donation scheme and by bringing more adapted trikes to the public, we also hope this will give Wheels for All the opportunity to open more centres in more locations.”

To find out more or to donate your trike to be used by more families in the future, contact us on 01244 335622. 

*Statistics from Wheels for All using average numbers at their Birkenhead Wheels for All site. 

**Please note Wheels for All can only accept adapted trikes that are still in reasonable working condition. They do have engineers on site that can help with any basic maintenance to get the trike completely ready for repurposing but if you are unsure then please contact us in the first instance.  Pick up of your donated equipment by Wheels for All is dependent on the location of the trike and local centre, trikes may need to be dropped off at the donation centre by the family.