A huge ‘Thank you’ to the Brian Kennedy Trust

Written by Emma on 3rd September 2014

We were delighted when the Brian Kennedy Trust recently agreed to fund specialised equipment for two children with very different needs.  Once the children had received their equipment we were pleased to be able to meet with the families to check on their progress, together with Linda Miles from the trust.


We were delighted to meet Lily, a happy and energetic six year old.  Lily was diagnosed with autism last year, and since that time mum Tracy has looked for support from a number of organisations to help her daughter’s development.

Tracy asked if we could fund a new bed for Lily and, thanks to the Brian Kennedy Trust, we were able to help.  Like so many parents caring for autistic children at home, Tracy found that her daughter’s bedroom presented some real practical problems.   Lily loves to bounce on her bed, but any standard bed frame would last no longer than a few months.  Tracy discovered the Tough Bed, a strong, durable bed designed specially for children with autism.

Younger brother Daniel was also keen to demonstrate just how robust his sister’s new bed is and the siblings are pictured here testing the Tough Bed!

Lily and Daniel


Hamdaan was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at a very early age.  Hamdaan,who turns two next month, has generalised muscle weakness and multi-sensory impairments.

Hamdan Website imageHis family applied to Children Today for funding for a specialised car seat and, again thanks to the Brian Kennedy Trust, we were able to provide this piece of equipment for Hamdaan.  As you can see in the picture here, the car seat supports him safely in a rear facing position to hold him in a symmetrical body posture and support his head fully as he has no head control.

Without the security of the car seat, Hamdaan’s mother was unable to safely transport her son anywhere, meaning they were becoming increasingly housebound.  Thanks to the Brian Kennedy Trust, this car seat has helped to improve daily living for this family.