Brian Kennedy Trust

Written by Emma on 25th July 2014

Linda Miles, Director of the Brian Kennedy Trust, and I made a trip to Wigan yesterday afternoon to meet Maisey and her mum, Emma, and her dad, Mike, on the last day of the summer holidays before the start of the new school term.

Although Maisey was busily watching television when we arrived, she jumped at the chance of showing us her fabulous new, all singing-all dancing specialised bed. Dad carried Maisey into her bedroom, full of lovely sensory equipment and toys, and set her down on the bed. Maisey’s smile was beaming! She loved her new bed from the moment it was delivered. Maisey’s grandparents even bought her new bedding to celebrate!

Previously, Maisey’s single bed was positioned at floor level to prevent her from falling out and hurting herself and it was incredibly difficult for mum and dad to lift four year old Maisey out of bed. It wasn’t really fit for purpose and Maisey desperately needed a larger specialised bed.

Maisey’s new bed, delivered in June, is fully articulated, allowing her to be positioned more appropriately and enabling her to sleep more comfortably and safely, with raised padded sides to prevent any risk of her falling. As the bed is height adjustable, Emma and Mike can now use the hoist positioned above the bed that is so essential to transfer Maisey more easily and safely to get up out of bed and to use the bathroom.

Maisey was quite happy to pose for photographs for us and giggled all the way through. Emma and Mike joined her on the bed, as Linda looked on – their delight was clearly evident.

Without the very significant contribution from the Brian Kennedy Trust, Maisey would, no doubt, still be waiting for her new bed, the cost of which was £4,230.00.

Thoughout the visit, Maisey’s six month old baby brother, Stephen, was fast asleep, only to wake up – bright eyed – as we were about to leave.

It is always a pleasure to help children like Maisey and their families. Just one piece of equipment “makes such a difference” to their lives. When asked how long Maisey’s bed would last, mum replied “Forever!”

Alan Dodd Chief Executive Officer

Pictured below are Mum and Dad, Emma and Mike, with Maisey and Linda Miles, Director of the Brian Kennedy Trust.