Zac is excited to join his family on bikes rides again!

Written by Lexi Heselwood on 17th November 2022


*** Update ***

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to Zac’s appeal. He’s now met his fundraising target for an adapted trike!

On behalf of Zac, his family and everyone at Children Today we want to say a massive thank you to those who shared and donated. 

*** Ends ***

Zac Harvey – who his mums describes as “a joy to be around” – has a love of the great outdoors and has always enjoyed family bike rides.

However, Zac, who has Down Syndrome, is unable to pedal a regular bike. His family had been using a second-hand tag-along trike for Zac, that attached to his older brother’s bike, but the bike was stolen earlier this year.

Children Today has pledged £1,000 towards the cost of Zac’s Tomcat trike, but the family now needs just £26.73 (amount updated 06.02.23) to get this much-needed equipment.

Zac’s mum, Isabel Harvey, says:

“We’ve been at a loss since the bike was stolen. The tag-along trike isn’t compatible with our bikes and because it’s such an old piece of equipment you can’t even buy adaptors anymore.

“Zac absolutely loves being out and about and we’ve always enjoyed family bike rides, but losing the bike has put an end to that.

“We’ve tried him on a regular bike, but he just hasn’t got the balance needed for it. He’s a long way off being able to cycle a regular bike independently, if ever at all.”

Zac's family used to use a trailer until the bike it fitted to was stolen

Zac’s family used to use a trailer until the bike it fitted to was stolen

The adapted Tomcat trike can be used as a stand-alone trike that Zac can pedal by himself, or attached to another bike for longer bike rides. 

Isabel continues:

“Zac is getting stronger, but he would struggle on a longer bike ride, so it would be great to have the option to attach his trike to ours if he gets too tired. It means we could go a bit further afield instead of being restricted to staying local. Having the independence to cycle on his own with the back-up of the attachment would open up a whole new lease of life for us again as a family.

“Zac’s 15-year-old brother, Aaron, still really enjoys coming on family bike rides too, and anyone with teenage boys will know that getting them to spend time with the rest of the family can be a challenge. So, it would be lovely to have the thing that we can bond over together as a family back in our lives.

“We often go camping with our extended family too, and it would be so nice for Zac to be able to join in with his brothers and cousins on these trips. This trike would enable that!”

Zac and his family have always enjoyed family bikes rides together

According to Isabel, Zac is very sociable and active and loves all kinds of sports including football and tennis.

Isabel adds:

“With Zac having Down Syndrome we’re conscious that being active is especially important as it’s known that weight gain and obesity are commonly linked to the condition.

“He really enjoys his football and tennis lessons, but inclusive clubs are few and far between, so it’s a bit of a travel, which means we can’t always make it to them. Having the trike as another option for exercise would be a huge benefit for Zac and his health.”

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Any funds raised over and above what we need to provide this equipment will go towards helping fund vitally important equipment for other children and young adults with a disability or life-limiting condition.