We don’t just support children, but young people too!

Written by Rachel Sutherland on 3rd April 2020

At Children Today we pride ourselves on supporting young people with disabilities across the UK, right up to the age of 25. 

We help change lives for the better by providing grants for specialised equipment like adapted trikes, walking aids and wheelchair power packs, just to name a few. 

The children and young people we support are able to embrace new found independence, confidence and a better quality of life with their new equipment.

Take 22-year-old Kateryna for example, who before receiving the funding from us for her new powered wheelchair, struggled to get up and out of bed without being in pain. 

Kateryna, who lives in Bradford, has a rare, degenerative neuromuscular condition – Spinal Muscular Atrophy – which causes progressive muscle weakness and muscle wastage, resulting in the loss of movement.

Kateryna with her powered wheelchair

As an adult Kateryna said she found it hard to find the right charity to help her out and the NHS couldn’t tailor anything for her. Before receiving funding from Children Today, she’d written to four charities and also tried fundraising independently. 

Now, thanks to our support – the arrival of her powered wheelchair has improved her mental health as she is now able to get out and about a lot more than she was able to before. The wheelchair can be raised so she can now sit at eye level at the table with her loved ones and she’s able to go shopping and try on clothes. 

Read Kateryna’s heart-warming story here

If you would like to support our charity please donate here or by calling 01244 335622. Thank you for your support. 

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